List Pipeline Stages

The list command in DoIt can be used to query the tasks created in a dodo script.

For example, doit list -f on the dodo script described here gives the following output.

$ doit list -f

Note that Task here is the default task that all other tasks inherit from. It is also possible to list and see the status of the task instances, whether to rebuild etc., using the --all --status options of doit list command.

$ doit list --all --status -f
R CombineCounts
U CombineCounts:   Combine counts
R GetCounts
U GetCounts:n~1    Count lines, words and characters in file
U GetCounts:n~2    Count lines, words and characters in file
R Task

where R denotes ‘to run’ and U denotes ‘to update’. More details on the doit list command can be found here.