JUDI: Software Pipeline, Just Do It

JUDI simplifies building and executing a software pipeline under different parameter settings by automating an efficient execution of the pipeline across the settings.

Consolidated specification of parameter settings
JUDI provides an easy and efficient way to specify all possible settings of the parameters which the pipeline needs to be executed for.
Files and tasks independent from parameter settings
For each file/task, a user of JUDI just specifies the parameters the file/task depends upon and then builds the pipeline as if there were no parameters at all. JUDI makes sure there are separate instances of the file/task for each setting of the parameters, creates appropriate association between the file instances and the task instances, and automates an efficient execution of the task instances based on their dependency on other tasks.
Easy plug-and-play
By decoupling parameter settings from files and tasks, JUDI enables an easy plug and play of different stages of the pipeline.

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